Nouveau Consignment Agreement

1.  All new consignors are asked to complete our standard Consignment Agreement to open
an account. At this time, there is NO FEE to set up a NEW account with Nouveau. We are by appointment only at this time. Please call us at 412.408.3800 to schedule an appointment.

2.  Nouveau will accept high-end and designer brands/labels that are clean, in excellent/NEW
condition (no rips, stains, odors, etc..) and are in current style (2-3 years) -OR - Vintage items in
excellent condition. We do not accept knock off items of any kind! Please review our list of
“Brands We Love” on our website, Facebook or Instagram accounts for further details. ALL

3.  Clothing must be clean and on hangers. Items in disrepair, pet hair, odors, rips, stains, etc... will not be accepted.

4.  Pricing is set by Nouveau and will be determined based upon age, condition, and desirability of each item. Prices may be reduced at any time during consignment and all items may be used for in-store sales, promotions and special events. PLEASE NOTE NOUVEAU CANNOT GUARANTEE THE SALE OF YOUR ITEMS.

5.  The Consignor will be paid approximately 50/50 based upon the price of the item at the time it is SOLD.  Nouveau reserves the right to run sales at any time, including consignment items.  

6.  Check our website for the most updated information regarding consignment & current consignment season. We do require an appointment to consign at this time.  Clothing may be consigned until 1 hour prior to closing each day. Up to 2o items may be consigned per appointment. There are blackout periods during
which, we will not accept consignment. We will update our website & social media with blackout information throughout the year.

7.  Items are selected based on consumer demands. Not all items will be taken & even items accepted may or may not be on the sales floor, depending on demand. A member of our
team will review your items and determine which items Nouveau will accept for
consignment. Items not selected for consignment will be donated to Second Harvest. Please note items designated to be donated may be donated AT ANY TIME, not necessarily after 60 days.

8. ALL ITEMS priced under $150 become property of Nouveau & will be donated to local charities, namely Second Harvest. Designer items (valued at $150+ by Nouveau) are eligible to be picked up at the end of the 60 day consignment period.  If you'd like Nouveau to keep your designer items (valued at $150+ by Nouveau) in stock until they sell, we can make arrangements for those designer items. If there are designer items to pick up after your consignment period, an appointment is necessary to pick up items after 60 days.

9.  Consignors may request either a check or an in-store credit as payment for sold items. Consignors have one year from the date of the sale to request payment on their account. After 12 months, only in-store credit will be issued and no checks will be issued after that time. Please allow for a minimum of 14 days after your last item has sold to request payment.

We pay quarterly, based upon the timing of your request. Consignors have access to their accounts 24/7 online or via the app to review consignment items.  Please allow a
minimum of 4-6 weeks for items to sell. If requesting a check via mail, there is a $1 fee per check.  Nouveau is not responsible for checks lost in the mail, stolen or lost check fees. You may request up to $350/payout request.

For further information regarding payments to consignors, please visit the FAQ section on our website. Please note Nouveau cannot guarantee the sale of your items & ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

10.  All items are accepted for sale at risk of the Owner/Consignor and are NOT insured by Nouveau
or its Owners. We take every precaution to ensure the care of your items; however, Nouveau
assumes NO LIABILITY for the loss, damage to, or destruction of any consigned item by fire,
theft, accident, water, or any other cause.

11.  After a period of sixty days, any items unclaimed by the consignor become the property of Nouveau.  Nouveau reserves the right to donate any items to Second Harvest (Second Harvest( after 60 days if unclaimed by the consignor.

12.  This “AGREEMENT” is subject to change at any time & can be cancelled by Nouveau at our discretion.